Wedding Videography Services for Key West and the Florida Keys ...   (305) 433-5117 is your Key West and Florida Keys Wedding and Commitment Videography Service provider. We also provide videography services for other general events or needs.

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible video coverage to capture those special moments. Whether it's gliding down the isle or barefoot at the beach; taking the gentle, trembling hand of your love; saying I do, catching a glimpse of your oh-so-proud dad and mom with their tears-of-joy, your first kiss as a new couple; the first dance, the toast, the cake, the bouquet and garter toss or whatever the event.

We want you to treasure the moment always by inviting us to create a DVD record chronicling your event through videography, an heirloom to pass on to generations that follow.

And, toward that end, KeysVideography is here for you!

Your Wedding or Commitment ...

Ensure that that most special day, your Wedding or Commitment Day, is captured and archived for years to come to share with family and friends. Relive the laughter, joy, and outpouring of support from family and friends. Watch as you and your spouse exchange promises of love and devotion and that very special moment when you began your new life together as a couple.

Share with your family, your children and grandchildren the very moment it all began. "Grandpa pa, you were a real catch back then!"

Always remember the day - and weren't you gorgeous that day?!, and the flowers; the gathering of loved ones and their kind and supportive words to you; the giggling and funny faces; and the look in your partner's eye that told you all you needed to know: Love.

Your wedding DVD will be an heirloom remembrance to pass on as a testament to your love and commitment on that most special day. And, honestly, only moving images can truly capture the words "I do" and those intense feelings of passion, excitement, and anxiety on one of the most important days of the rest of your life.


Professionalism and Commitment ...

If you're looking for quality, professional wedding or commitment ceremony video / videography services, look no further! We at are here to capture that special moment. Our combined expertise and services can provide you fantastic videography coverage with rates starting at $395 for the first hour and $250 for each additional hour. provides videography services to chronicle and archive your Wedding, Commitment or other needs.


Our Services ...

We use digital video cameras; the digital footage is then professionally edited to produce a very special presentation chronicling your ceremony highlights: exchange of vows, reception and greeting of your guests, and more. Your DVD will include chapter indexing, titles, and music.

We use wireless microphones and digital video cameras to help ensure the best capture possible. All our video packages utilize at least two cameras by our team of professional Videographers.

DVDs are typically about 20 minutes for a one hour ceremony. Our goal is to keep the memory of your ceremony alive and real each and every time you watch.


Our Commitment ...

Remember, what sets us apart from most other wedding videographers is our attention to detail and the final product. We know it's important to you; it's important to us! We also use a minimum of two (2) video cameras.

That's our promise!

If you have any questions regarding our services, please call or e-mail. We want to be your Florida Keys and Key West Wedding and Commitment Ceremony Videographers!

And, of course, we're here not only when you say I do, but to chronicle any of the special moments and milestones in your and your family's life baptisms, birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs and confirmations! We're also available to record business workshops, guest speakers, etc.

Call us today to schedule your event! 305-433-5117.